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So, if you know me, you will know that I try not to waste anything in the kitchen if I can help it. If I use 3/4 of a tiny can of tomato paste I break out my mini Tupperware and save that small amount left in the can. Inevitably a couple days later I will need just that amount in something!

When using homemade pastry in recipes, you will often have a little leftover where you’ve trimmed around the edge of the pan. Don’t throw the scraps away!

An easy way to use them up is to grab a muffin pan, spray a couple of the cups on the bottom. Then simply divide up your extra pastry and mold it around the cup.


Bake in the oven until golden, allow to cool, and then you’ve got yourself a few little personal tart shells made! These are really rustic, but you can make them as fancy as you’d like!


Use them for anything you’d like later in the week. Perhaps you will have scraps from another recipe that make a nice tart or you can reinvent some leftovers. Heck, whip up some eggs with a touch of cream, mushrooms, and cheese and bake something for breakfast!