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Greetings to everyone! I hope everyone had a fabulous Labor Day weekend! I hope no matter where you were that you found a smidge of sunshine! This is not going to be a traditional post today. My husband and I were going to head to see his mom and her husband in Savannah this past weekend but they were going to be taking their new RV over to Edisto so we decided to crash with them for the weekend! And let me say, it’s beautiful there! We had such a great time and ate wonderful “camp” food and saw so many beautiful sights that I wanted to share our trip with you! I didn’t do any cooking at all, but sometimes it’s nice to sit back and just enjoy the food.

We arrived Friday night after dark and were greeted with a good ole Southern favorite…shrimp and grits! And man were they good. The grits were so creamy and rich, I just knew they had all kinds of evil goodness in them. I ate two helpings!

Saturday morning my husband, Jody, and his stepdad, Michael, ran to the store to pick up some hot tea and honey for me since I forgot to bring any. So sweet! I loooove some hot herbal tea with a touch of honey in the mornings. Very soothing and it’s hard to get my day going without it. I think the Hubbs knew that’s what it would take to roll me out of bed…

Good morning!

Jody and I took a walk around the campground…the trees are so beautiful here!

I love the marsh, it’s so gorgeous and serene.


When we got back to the RV, bacon was sizzling up in the pan outside and yummy eggs with all kinds of veggies were being made.

Michael cooking breakfast!

Perfect camp breakfast!

Doesn’t that look delicious?

After breakfast we hit the beach…expecting it to be crowded…

Edisto Beach

The busiest weekend of the year!

This little baby crab crawled onto our towel!

Look at all the shells!

After a beautiful hot day at the beach we went to a little festival over at the Edisto Marina. They had crafts and beer and the highlight of the night was….get this…a Shag competition! But first we stopped off at The Sea Cow eatery and enjoyed Crab Stuffed Flounder, Field Peas, Junk Salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, and balsamic), and some sort of delicious hush puppy rolls. Yum! We ate it all so fast I forgot to snap a picture! Then, it was back to the festival…

The Sea Cow Eatery

Edisto Marina

We perused all of the original art and crafts and bought this handmade Gullah doll! Isn’t she awesome! We have a bit of a handmade doll collection from our island hopping in the Caribbean and the South East US. This doll even has the beginning of a sweet grass basket!

Gullah Doll

There’s me in the back!

Shag Time

The dance competition was fun to watch and definitely a new experience for us!

This guy’s drum is a suitcase!

After the Shag Fest we stopped at Whaley’s on the way back to camp for a nightcap and this guy was singing! He plays barefoot and his drum is a suitcase. Too funny.

Bacon Egg & Swiss Sandwich

The next morning my in-laws made us bacon egg and swiss breakfast sandwiches! That definitely hit the spot! Thanks Michael and Rhonda!

This was my mug for my hot tea…sweet, yes?

Gorgeous berries!

These berries were growing right next to our campsite. Nature has the most beautiful colors.

Botany Bay Marsh

Sunday was the real treat for us. We went over to Botany Bay for the day and just walked around in awe of all the unspoiled beauty. There are few places on earth where you can see true nature in its natural undisturbed state.

Path to the beach

Sizzle found many amazing sea shells!

You can’t take any shells with you, or anything for that matter. So, people place them all over the trees and driftwood to put the treasures on display. They are everywhere! Perfect beauties washed up on the beach.

Shell display

Shell display

Here are my cute in-laws with a huge display of shells

My Hubbs was loving all the perfectly bleached shells everywhere

Where else in the world do you get to stand and see the ocean and the marsh together?

Look at the bright orange!

We came across the baby crab’s big cousin! I think they are so cool no matter what size they are.

Did I mention there are trees growing in the water? One of the most breathtaking things I’ve seen.

Marsh view….I loooove the marsh!

When we could finally tear ourselves from all of natures beauty we headed back. You have to cross two sections of marsh on these little wooden walkways. The scenery there is just as beautiful as the beach. We saw birds, fiddler crabs, and even blue crabs!

Green pond and inscribed stone, “We are the people who loved and cared for this place”

When we left the park we drove through the tour section of the property (which is all dirt and very rustic…so bring the SUV and leave the sports car at home) and came across this pond. Sitting at the base of the tree was this stone and very sweet description. Reading it gave me a bigger sense of the place and what it must have been like to live there and love it and be surrounded by such magnificence.

Botany Bay Road

Driving down this road to leave the property makes you want to turn around and go back!

This didn’t stay on the plate long!

Before heading back home we at delicious salads with grilled chicken, strawberries, feta, shrimp, tomatoes, and mixed greens. What a great end to a great day!

Look at the cute napkin holder in the camper!

Local Produce Road Stand

On the way home we passed by several roadside produce stands and decided to stop at this one. It was really cute inside and they had a nice selection of local items.

I love cooking with local!

We already had a bountiful selection of produce from our local community so we just picked up a few things. Peach smoothie, anyone?

This beach is so beautiful, ya’ll…

I hope you enjoyed this special edition post! I have a couple more up my sleeve and possibly a guest post…

Thanks for reading!