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Bite this!

So, I don’t usually post same day because I’m usually in some awesome food coma after we eat these meals that I make. But, tonight I’m going to post something short and sweet.

I love to reinvent things that I make. It’s fun and it keeps the creativity going, and obviously, it keeps the food interesting!

So, I recently picked two banana peppers from my garden and picked another one today. I was trying to think of a yummy healthy way to use them up. I’ve seen people stuff them but usually it’s with heavy ingredients and I wanted something light and healthy! So….I decided to dice them up and throw them in the corn salad I made yesterday and use that for fish tacos. Yummmm!

Blurry, but pretty!

Here’s what I did:

  1. Dice up banana peppers and add to a small bowl of corn salad
  2. Add a hint of lime juice and a dash of cayenne pepper for heat (my peppers were deliciously sweet!)
  3. Made homemade tortillas with cilantro from masa (I swear I’ll post how to do this soon)
  4. Lightly fried up some wild cod dredged in beer, panko, egg, and masa flour mixed with cumin and ancho chile powder, dash of salt
  5. Mixed some fresh chopped cilantro from my garden with reduced fat sour cream and some lemon zest and lime juice
  6. Cut up an avocado

Then, all I had to do was layer the taco and eat it! It was so full of yummy goodness that it was definitely a knife and fork taco! We added a little crumbled feta as well. Voila! My husband is a happy man!!!

What did you eat for dinner? 😉